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Jan 12

The Room

Can you ever really trust anyone? See Tommy Wiseau's film that has the passion of Tennessee Williams on the big screen on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 10pm!

Spoons are welcome.

This film centers on Johnny, a man who has it all; great friends, a good job, and a gorgeous fiancée named Lisa. But Lisa's innocent act masks the fact that she's looking to bring Johnny down, and her manipulations are tearing Johnny apart.

Bonus: Greg Sestero will be appearing in-person at our sister theatre Capitol Theatre 7pm Jan 13th to screen his film 'Best F(r)iends: Volume 2'. Take $2 off admission to that show w your ticket stub from this (Jan 12) screening of 'The Room'! Tickets to the Best Friends Movie at the Capitol can be purchased here.

More Info

What Time? 10:00pm
How Much? $6