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Jun 23

The War and Treaty

Music house show

“Husband-and-wife duo Michael and Tanya Trotter overwhelm with a message of positivity and love on Healing Tide. Whether in a quiet hymn of adoration like ‘Hearts’ or the soul-stirring ‘Love Like There’s No Tomorrow,’ the Trotters’ deep affection for one another informs every aspect of this album, and shines like a beacon in troubled times.” – Rolling Stone

We love The War and Treaty – their music oozes love, compassion, and joy. Michael and Tanya Trotter’s voices are so powerful, the whole house vibrates when they sing. Michael was born here in Cleveland, which makes it all the more special to welcome them back to Mechanic Street.

“I want people to feel like we care,” Michael says. “When you think about artists, you don’t think about that. But that’s the way I want the world to feel about The War and Treaty.” You can hear this on their new full-length album, Healing Tide, which merges gospel, soul, and American into a healing tonic of freewheeling joy.

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What Time? 7:00pm
How Much? $25