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Dec 31

The Weird Wedding & Beetle Ball

Music New Year's Eve

Do typical New Year's parties sound like a bore? Are you yourself strange and unusual? In case of emergency, draw a door, but look out for Sandworms, because-- It's SHOWTIME!

Life is one. big. dark. room. But for one night, as the clock hits restart for 2019, you can DEY--Ooo until the day is over and hit the dance floor with your new friends! Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!

From the team that brought you last year's From Venus To The Valley Dance, Club Kidz R Us, Jareth's Crystal Ball, The Black Lodge Ball, DecoDance, and more!

Here at Mahall's, Memorabilia Productions knows as much about the paranormal as they do about interior design. Come get lost in the land between here and there. Throw your voice, fool your friends! Deliver yourself from your everyday lives and rejoice in the uniting of souls!

Somebody's getting MARRIED! But who is it going to be? We strangely request your presence...

With your host, Master of Ceremonies and the Ghost with the Most- Cleveland's own Zachariah Durr!

Countdown projections and visuals from Wes Johansen!

Shake, shake, shake señora!
DJs Himiko Gogo (WCSB, Club Kidz R Us, Memorabilia Productions)
Glacial 23 (Disco Paradiso, The Chamber, Midiopolis)
& Wes Johansen (Los Angeles/ Cleveland Ohio Video Artist)

will be spinning you a collection of goth, 80s, new wave, and world dance music!

Themed Cocktails from Cassie's Handbook for the Recently Deceased! Kitchen specials!

We'll eat anything you want us to eat. We'll swallow anything you want us to swallow. But, come on down just don't... chew on a dog! Arroooo!

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $15