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Apr 18

Togishi + Kitschy + Sun Trash

Ready for a super diverse bill @ Now That's Class?!

(heavy sax-trio)-

"The band formed in 2017 after having performed several improvised shows in and around Cleveland. Individually, the members of Togishi have performed with artists such as Bill Laswell, Matisyahu, Dub Trio, Dosh, Joe Maneri, Beans and Mike Patton. The trio’s music is an eclectic mix of avant-garde jazz, experimental rock, contemporary classical and electronic noise. Their distinctive sound, and creative approach, is both visceral and contemplative."

(progressive, math-rock)-

"Rising from the estranged diversity of a post-urban, sub-rural Ohio, this band creates a sound that articulates melodic madness coupled with careening tone and tenacious timbre. It is truly an encounter set to shift our paralyzed understanding of human consciousness to a new renaissance of awareness. If our primitive ancestors heard this shit, they would be freaked the fuck out, no doubt."

Sun Trash
(lots of horns, Columbus)-

"Heavy-hitting friendship/ process music duo that strives to combine the energy of free-Jazz within the context of new-music. Striving to make something together."

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What Time? 9:00pm
How Much? $7