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Apr 30

Walpurgisnacht Pagan Folk Horror Films at the Buckland

The Innerspace presents a Walpurgisnacht double feature of pagan folk horror rarities at the newly re-opened Buckland Museum Of Witchcraft & Magick in Old Brooklyn.

The event is open to everyone.
$5 suggested donation.
BYOB. Movie descriptions below.

D/W: Piers Haggard
97 minutes
A farmhand ploughs up subhuman remains in a field. A sharp claw ends up in the possession of Angel Blake (Linda Hayden). Angel becomes possessed by the devil (signified by a patch of animal hair) and leads all the other teenagers on a killing spree in this creepy and effective 17th century period horror from Tigon.

10PM - EYES OF FIRE (USA 1983)
D/W: Avery Crounse
90 minutes
Cult horror-Western with increasingly disorienting fantasy horror-magic that makes you feel like the director took peyote before filming. The characters and narrative are chaotic and live in a logic of their own, but the special effects and atmospheric horror are unique, mind-warping and very memorable in a fuzzy, hallucinative way. A priest who committed adultery is saved from hanging by his entourage of followers and an insane witch, and after they are banished, they wander into a haunted Native American forest with the help of one of the woman's ex-lovers who happens to be some kind of know-it-all wanderer guru. The manifestations and attacks from the ghosts and an ancient evil witch gradually increase, as does the good witch's powers, and it escalates into delirious hallucinations, spiritual battles, bizarre apparitions, as well as confusing bursts of violence and despair.
-The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

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What Time? 8:00pm
How Much? $4